Appvise consists of an intercultural group of experts in very diverse areas: education, psychology, design, audiovisuals, telecommunications, etc. All of them with a common goal: “giving your kids a better world”.

The union of so many different professional disciplines, accompanied by an innovative attitude and a wide experience developing projects, make Appvise one of the most important technological and social proposals in the educational sector.


Our reason to be:

ABring education to households so that parents can participate in the educational universe of their children because imagine: wouldn´t you like to see how your son writes for the first time his first word or how he deals with a debate in school?

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To be the leading enterprise in the educational-technological sector with the best platform of school communication that fights against bullying and actively promotes coexistence. We want to help to improve the world from a teaching perspective. How? Evolving education.

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Appvise would not have sense without the four values that define our brand, our spirit and our dedication. They are the axis in our decision-making and help us stay aligned so we don´t end up losing our way. In other words, without these values Appvise wouldn´t have identity or sense.