Appvise for teachers

Do you want to save time and be more efficient?
To improve coexistence with your students and their families?
To develop new skills as a teacher?

School communication

Appvise is a school communication platform through which teachers can send information to parents and teachers instantly to their mobile device.


Bullying and coexistence

We include a revolutionary program to improve coexistence and fight against bullying, with materials and tools for prevention and detection.

School of teachers

We provide guidelines and video resources about new educational trends and resolution of everyday situations.


School communication

Instant and far-reaching messaging

Can you imagine having parents’ authorization within minutes of sending
them a notification? Until today the student was the intermediary between the notices and the school, but with Appvise all that is over. Now between you and the parents there´s a direct route and with the touch of a click.

Imagine for a second that the school is organizing an outing, a field trip to talk about respect for the environment… Until today the process was as follows: the school´s secretary gave you a circular, that circular was given to the student, and you had to wait, at least, a week between the notification and the trip because most of the time the child forgot to give the parents the notice and, when they did, the parents peg it to the fridge thinking: “I´ll sign it later”. A mess, right?

We have developed an instant and far-reaching messaging system to make school communication as fast and effective as possible. That´s why, now you won´t have to wait a week, probably by the time they receive the notification the parents will answer. Forget about having to be chasing the parents!

It also will help you to organize your meetings more effectively with the parents… How many times you had a meeting scheduled with the parents of one of your students and they never showed up and, what it´s worse, they never inform you? Lots of them, right? Appvise improves the coordination with parents by reminding them of the appointment and, even making the video call option possible.

Effective contact with the entire school community

The good thing about school beyond the school! Through Appvise, the student will be able to share class notes with his/her classmates, and the teachers will be able to comment or consult the parents any concerns in a non-intrusive way, or report any relevant information about their children.

Another of the functionalities as a tool of school contact and communication is that the teacher can share with the parents the meeting schedule by videoconference to follow up with the student.

Digital organization tools

Say goodbye to the traditional agenda that day after day you used to forget at home! We can guarantee you rarely leave your mobile phone laying around. With your smartphone and our app, you do not need anything else to know where, when and what to do according to your planning.

Class calendars, tuitions, key dates, excursions, meetings… all of them in our app, and with the possibility of sending reminders so you do not forget anything.

Unified news channel

Save time, it never comes back! You will no longer have to go to the school bulletin board to see the latest news of the school, nor to be constantly visiting their website to see if there is any major changes. Forget about that because with Appvise all of these school communication channels will be just one click away in our digital platform.

Technical support

We solve any questions that arise to you about the app! The support team will be available to attend all types of queries in a fast, friendly and effective manner. Contact them at any time… they will be happy to help you!

Bullying and coexistence

Did you know that bullying has consequences for all students? the short and long term consequences in the victims are well-known. However, we speak less about the consequences it has in the aggressors and spectators, but also they have them; As they normalize violence and learn to build their social relationships in a unhealthy way.

If we do not work on the prevention and treatment of cases, we are missing a great opportunity to improve coexistence and to promote the emotional well-being of students.

Stop Bullying: implementation of anti-bullying system in schools

Are you suspicious that one of your students may be suffering from bullying? One of your students is being harassed and you do not know how to act? Appvise helps you.

Our innovative anti-bullying program is based on proven effective methods, to which we have added substantial improvements. Through the platform, training and resources will be provided to parents, teachers and students, to prevent bullying between peers and, in addition, guidelines will be given on how to act if a case is detected. The service includes effective tools for studying the school’s climate, and also, children may report, anonymously, if they are victims of bullying or if they believe a classmate is suffering bullying.

Appvise´s anti bullying system is based on four important points:


To work this four aspects, the platform provides resources such as:

Reporting button for cases of bullying for the victim, the victim’s parents and classmates.

Awareness and training campaigns for students, teachers, parents and the educational Community, in general.

Measures and questionnaires that help identify victims.

Action guides for the school and the teachers.

Guidelines for easy consultation for families and those involved through the mobile phone.

Concern and counseling channel for parents and teachers provided by our group of psychologists.

Metrics of Usability of the tool, which allow monitoring the level of implementation of the protocol and its effectiveness.

Appvise´s anti-bullying system will help you understand emotions and how to manage them, educate children in values such as companionship, equality or empathy and, as a result, help fight bullying in schools.

School of Teachers

Promote coexistence

At Appvise we work to promote your and your student’s emotional wellbeing. That´s why, as a teacher, you will receive, through the platform, training that will help you solve everyday situations with students and their families.

Audiovisual Content

Through our tool you will have access to contents and workshops such as:
Socio-emotional skill development, conflict management, democratic participation of students, involvement of families, innovative learning methodologies, consideration to diversity, etc.

Specific program on bullying and cyberbullying.

As you well know, the teacher´s role is very different to the role of a parent. That´s why, our app provides specific training for teachers on bullying and cyberbullying, which allows you to detect cases of bullying in class or to prevent cyberbullying problems (harassment via the internet and social networks).