Appvise for parents

Do you want to participate in the educational development of your child? Improve his/her emotional well-being? Solve your concerns as a parent?

School communication

Our communication platform allows families to keep instant and permanent contact with their children’s school through any mobile device.


Bullying and coexistence

We include a revolutionary program of improvement of the coexistence that involves families and hinders bullying cases to appear.

School of parents

We provide video guidelines and resources to help parents resolve any concerns related to their children’s development.


School Communication

Instant and far-reaching messaging

Can you imagine watching how your child does his/her first equation on the school blackboard? Would you like to be part of that moment? Surely yes. With Appvise that´s possible. The teacher can record it with his/her smartphone and, with a single click, send it in a second to the parents. Parents will receive a notification on their mobile phone and will surely make their day.

Imagine for a moment there is an event at school, for example, the Christmas play which your child is in. But you, because of work, cannot attend. It doesn´t matter, through the app you will be able to see it without leaving your desk. Connect yourself for a couple of minutes through the phone and at night, when you get home, you can tell your child how well he/she did at the show.

With our platform, it´s possible to be aware of the educational progress of your children without loss of time. If you cannot attend a school meeting, no problem. it can be organized and done remotely via videoconference.

These are just a few examples, since Appvise is a strong school communication tool that allows the immediate and massive sending and receiving of all kind of information: notices, authorizations, announcements and much more.

Effective contact with the entire school Community

The good thing about school beyond the school! With Appvise, the student will be able to share class notes his/her classmates; parents will be able to comment or consult other parents non intrusively, concerns about their children… This functionality is similar to other well-known messaging apps with the difference we eliminate the digital groups.

For example, if Maria has lost her jacket in school, her mom or dad can, just with a single click, write and send a message individually every parent in her class, asking if they have found it…
When all of Maria’s classmates’ parents open the app on their phones, they will find the notification and can write back saying where the jacket is, if they know so.

Another of the functionalities as a contact and school communication tool is that the teacher can share with the parents the meeting schedules by videoconference to follow up with the student.

Digital organization tools

Say goodbye to paper and chaos! The world is now digital and we want you to take the most out of technology. That´s why our school communication platform also has a powerful digital agenda that includes calendars and schedules, that allow teachers, parents and students to organize more efficiently and productively, and not miss anything.

Geolocation pioneering tool

Always located your kids. We provide a pioneering security tool. A GPS system through which parents will be able to check anonymously and in real time, their location.

Unified news channel

All in one! You won´t have to go to the school’s bulletin board to check the latest news, or go through your child´s backpack just in case there´s an authorization to sign, or check every day the school’s website to get the latest news. Forget about that because with Appvise all these school communication channels are a click away in our digital platform.

AMBER alerts

We care about the safety of your children! Our platform allows issuing AMBER alerts in a massive and immediate manner to share information in an emergency situation.

Technical support

We solve any questions that arise to you about the app!
The support team will be available to attend all types of queries in a fast, friendly and effective manner. Contact them at any time… they will be happy to help you!


Stop Bullying: implementation of anti-bullying system in schools

Are you suspicious that your child may be suffering from bullying? Does your child want to report a bullying case but do not dare because of fear of retaliation? Appvise helps you.

Our innovative anti-bullying program is based on proven effective methods, to which we have added substantial improvements. Through the platform, training and resources will be provided to parents, teachers and students, to prevent bullying between peers and, in addition, guidelines will be given on how to act if a case is detected. Also, children may report, anonymously, if they are victims of bullying or if they believe a classmate is suffering bullying.

Appvise´s anti bullying system is based on four important points:


To work this four aspects, the platform provides resources such as:

Reporting button for cases of bullying for the victim, the victim’s parents and classmates.

Awareness and training campaigns for students, teachers, parents and the educational Community, in general.

Measures and questionnaires that help identify victims.

Action guides for the school and the teachers.

Guidelines for easy consultation for families and those involved through the mobile phone.

Concern and counseling channel for parents and teachers provided by our group of psychologists.

Metrics of Usability of the tool, which allow monitoring the level of implementation of the protocol and its effectiveness.

Promotion of coexistence and emotional well-being of the students.

Appvise´s anti-bullying system will help you understand emotions and how to manage them, educate children in values such as companionship, equality or empathy and, as a result, help fight bullying in schools.

School of parents

Communication with our children

¿Why I cannot I connect with my child? How do I teach my child to be more tolerant? Why my child is so introvert? Are we good parents or are we over authoritarian?

Appvise´s school of parents provides brief and practical guidelines and advice, so parents can solve and address many of the concerns they have about their children’s education, focusing on the emotional issues as well.

The school of parents includes formations that make children aware of the importance of caring of the planet, ecology, diversity, tolerance or equality. We´ll help inculcate those values that should be inherent to the person but which, each time, are lost more and more.

Think about it for a moment… What would happen if we placed equal importance on social and emotional development as academic achievement?

In addition, the school of parents seeks to improve the relationship and communication between parents and children, something really difficult
today. For that, Video training is offered to help parents to cope with complex issues such as drugs or alcohol abuse, abuse or bad use of internet and social networks, school failure or bad companies, without handicaps, qualms and with total naturalness.

School of parents also allows the formation of students in the school to have continuity at home, offering parents simple resources so that they can intervene and participate in their child’s school education.