We improve the communication between educational centers and families

Multimedia messaging, digital authorizations, video tutorials, access to grades, organization tools…

We provide materials and tools to improve coexistence and fight bullying

Coaching for teachers and parents, studies of the school atmosphere, bullying detection tools, anonymous reporting channel, counseling, etc…

We provide guidelines and advice for teachers and families

Social-emotional skills, conflict management, innovative learning methodologies, attention to diversity (ADHD, PDD-NOS, dyslexia, etc.), democratic participation of students, and family involvement

Evolving Education

We start from a thorough analysis of the strengths and needs of each educational center and work with each of them in a personalized way, providing them with needed tools and resources that involve teachers and families in the educational process of the students.

Go inside Appvise’s educational universe

Another way to teach

We want today’s children to live in a better world tomorrow… That´s why we´ve put technology to the service of education, and the result is… Appvise

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It solves problems of school communication between teachers, parents and students, in an easy and effective way. Say goodbye to the notices, agendas and all of the intrusive instant messaging apps!


Working in the prevention of bullying is a great opportunity to create a space of greater well-being in the schools and improve coexistence. Through our platform we make available to teachers and parents tools, contents and resources to prevent, detect and act on cases of bullying.


Teachers are facing a more complex reality each time, with a diversity of students, and students with new problems. Appvise offers training and resources to help with managing these changes.


As parent it is common to have doubts about how to deal with certain problems that arise during the development of our children. Appvise accompanies you and gives support by providing you with practical resources to solve those doubts.


At Appvise we want to help build a fairer world! Where there´s a will there´s a way, and that´s why we do all that we can to make it so. In this sense we participate actively in different social programs all over the world.

Why appvise?


Because it facilitates the communication between teachers, parents and students.


Because it involves parents in the education of their children.


Because it helps eradicate bullying and improves coexistence in schools.


Because it helps to the proper emotional development of students.


Because educating in values is the key for a better world.

For parents

who are aiming for change

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For teachers

who are committed to evolving education

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Best Business Model

Jury’s Award:

Best globally valued Project in technological innovation, novelty and application for education